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Who are Sports Analytics Advantage?

Sports Analytics Advantage was founded in 2017, on the premise that sports clubs and players alike were not maximising their income and performance due to simple inefficiencies, either in the playing arena or by poor planning.  Sports Analytics Advantage was set up to help clubs understand and address these failings, to improve performance from both a sporting and a financial perspective.

What can Sports Analytics Advantage provide?

Sports Analytics Advantage can provide comprehensive data analysis for sports players, sports clubs and the media.  We offer a variety of solutions which can range from a regular opponent dossier to a specific draft/auction service, for a T20 franchise.

What services do Sports Analytics Advantage offer?


Player/Squad Evaluation (including recommendations on player retention).
General Overseas Player Analysis 
Pre Draft/Auction Player Analysis (including analysis-driven player valuations to find value in the market)
T20 League Comparison using our unique Expected Performance concept (enabling comparison and translation between multiple T20 leagues) 


Tournament Schedule Planning and Analysis
Player Dossiers 
Player Investment Analysis (for sponsors or player equity investments) 


Player/Squad information to use in commentary or print/web media.
Previews/Article Writing 


Assistance with Contract Negotiation - helping both players and clubs understand their true value
Provision of Player Dossiers to market players to overseas franchises in drafts and auctions 
Identification of players with future potential with a view to adding them to client lists


Data analysis and dossiers to establish strengths and weaknesses
Assistance with Contract Negotiation


We are very happy to consider any other request not covered above.

Why should players or clubs use Sports Analytics Advantage?

Both costs and rewards are constantly rising for sports players and clubs.  

With this in mind, correct decision-making has never been more important.  Whether you are a Tennis player looking to try and move up the rankings, or a T20 franchise club trying to find a cheap overseas talent, using quality sports data can help to both reduce the costs involved to achieve success and increase the rewards.

Considering the cost savings and potential gains, our affordable prices for quality data and information can be of significant benefit to sports players and clubs.  A Tennis player, for example, will find that our prices are much lower than the cost of a regular hitting partner or other support staff.

With usage of quality analytics rapidly increasing, if you are not using data correctly to improve performance, you can be sure your competitors either are already, or will be soon.

Are there examples of Sports Analytics Advantage's work?

Absolutely.  Please use the drop down links above to view a number of examples of our cricket and tennis analysis.

What can users expect from Sports Analytics Advantage?

Sports Analytics Advantage strives to provide methodical attention to detail, as well as advanced, groundbreaking data, exceptional customer service and outstanding results.

How can we get in touch?

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